Taddeucci Bakery

The evolution in tradition: classic specialties and pleasant novelties

It was in 1881 that creative Lucca’s baker Jacopo Taddeucci developed BUCCELLATO, a masterpiece of ancient and noble traditions made by fresh, simple and genuine ingredients. It was a triumph! Since then, “the old Lucca Buccellato factory” represents the traditional baking art of this city. It is already the fifth generation of the family to hold such tradition. It is this “father to son” secret recipe to represent the sole unmatchable recipe of Jacopo’s “Buccellato”. This breathtaking bakery lies since 139 years in the hearth of Lucca, Piazza San Michele, and it is fully furnished with fascinating and full of history antiques. Countless are the anecdotes that the Taddeucci family could reveal, tells that seem to have been brought from legend to reality: Illustrious figures from the past that became customers and friends of the shop! Not to mention great composer Giacomo Puccini, another “son” of this magic city, who used to be a loyal customer of the old “Buccellato Factory”. Doubtlessly cordiality, expertise and good products are the factors that led the shop to its fortune. Both loyal customers and tourists feel at ease whilst in the shop, feeling surrounded by genuine hospitality. There is an old saying in Lucca which goes:”don’t say that you have been to Lucca if you haven’t eaten Taddeucci’s Buccellato!”... This is history...

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